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Send me your short films! [CLOSED]

Hey, it’s Kent with a unique proposition for my filmmaking peers here…


I’m planning to finally start posting videos more regularly on the YouTube channel (can’t believe I’ve only put up 4 videos this year 😅).

To do that, I’ll be testing out some videos in a more raw format. The idea being I can spend more time sharing helpful insights and less time planning & editing videos.

These are going to be a lot of fun for me, and hopefully for you too.

But I need your help! Read on…

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Short Film Breakdowns

One type of video I want to make is analyzing and critiquing short films – talking through my thoughts in real-time, pausing the film to elaborate, etc.

So if you’re interested in getting your work in front of my audience, this could be a great opportunity for some of that sweet, juicy exposure those Craigslist producers are always promising!

For any film I use in a video, I’ll link to your channel and give you a shout-out.

Just know that by submitting your film, you’re giving me permission to do an honest (and public) critique of it! Obviously I’m not going to be a total dick, I know how hard it is to make even a half-way decent film, but I will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each film as I watch.

Update: CLOSED FOR ENTRIES! Thanks to everyone who submitted their film for possible critiques! I’ll reach out again on the newsletter when I need more entries. Until then – don’t send me your short film lol.

Want to submit your short film?

Just reply to this email with:

  • Public link to the film
  • Title
  • Genre
  • Runtime
  • Logline
  • (optional) Any info about the making of the film that might be relevant/interesting

By submitting your film, you agree that you own the film, you already have the rights to any copyrighted material within it, and you permit me to show & react to the film on my channel.

The shorter the runtime, the better.

If this test run goes well, I’ll make this a regular thing and refine the process a bit.

Update: CLOSED FOR ENTRIES! Thanks to everyone who submitted their film for possible critiques!  I’ll reach out again on the newsletter when I need more entries. Until then – don’t send me your short film lol.

Favorites this week:

🍿 Movie: The Rise of The Planet of The Apes

No, not the new one that’s in theaters. This is the reboot from 2011 starring James Franco and introducing us to Caesar the chimp.

I want to watch the new one, but am being a psycho and re-watching the old ones first (even though they probably don’t connect to the new one at all) 🙈

I remember being surprised at how good this movie was when it came out, and after rewatching it… I still love it. There are a few cheesy moments at the lab etc, but the grounded B-stories of Caesar’s life as a pet and John Lithgow’s Alzheimers disease made the film surprisingly emotional in a way that modern sci-fi/blockbusters rarely are.

I wonder how the next 3 Apes movies will compare…

💬 Quote: “You can’t show everything. If you do, it’s no longer art. Art lies in suggestion.” -Robert Bresson

Let’s make some movies.


PS – Special announcement next week… (a semi-secret project I’ve been working on for you fine folks)

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