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Stronger films.
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YouTube growth.

If my YouTube videos helped you, individual coaching takes that guidance to the next level, allowing me to provide solutions and strategies specific to you and your situation.

Whether you are a filmmaker, editor, or YouTuber, my wealth of experience will help you reach the next level on your path, even if you’re starting from scratch like I did.

I look forward to meeting you.


Level-Up Your Film

Honest advice tailored to your film, so your ideas connect with your audience.

Save Money

Filmmaking is EXPENSIVE. I'll help you avoid costly mistakes & reshoots.

Anywhere Anytime

Pick an open slot on my calendar to talk on Google Meets at any time you choose.

This video breaks down how I can help.

What people are saying from past consultations:

Thomas T.


My brother and I scheduled a 1 on 1 consultation call with Kent for our short film. We improved the characters and nailed down the ending of the script and more on this call. We love his YouTube videos but jumping on a call with him was on another level. Learned a lot! It was game changer for our production!!

Ultimo D.

Freelance Editor

I highly recommend that anyone new in their freelancing journey consider consulting from Kent. His advice helped me a ton and it quite literally helped me take my career to a whole new level.

Ricardo A.


Your friends and family will all tell you that your project is looking great and that they’re very proud of you. Kent will give you the informed, constructive, and detailed type of feedback that you need. All while remaining supportive and enthusiastic. Super valuable experience!

Brad B.


Kent is a goldmine of battle-forged wisdom on the filmmaking process from start to finish and I have consulted with him a few times now. If you are stuck on a project in development and could use some guidance, then look no further! Thanks Kent!

About Me

I focus on story & substance over style, and take a very practical approach to filmmaking, built from 20+ years of helming scrappy, low & no-budget shoots.

I directed my first feature film, Bad is Bad, in 2010. Made for only $6,000, the film went on to reach over 7 million views and garner critical acclaim.

My 2019 short film, Will “The Machine”, screened and won awards at film festivals around the world, before releasing online through Omeleto and gaining 3 million views.

As an editor, I’ve done work for brands such as Apple TV, Netflix, Amazon, Sony Pictures, Beats by Dre, Nickelodeon, Air Jordan, Postmates, CollegeHumor, and more.

I also run the YouTube channel Standard Story Company, entertaining & educating over 135,000 subscribers with original films & filmmaking advice.

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