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Promote your business to +10k Filmmakers

By sponsoring an issue of my weekly newsletter, Friday Film Notes, you can connect with an active community of filmmakers.

Reach & Audience

Over 10k and growing every month. The vast majority are narrative filmmakers based in the USA.

Average Sponsorship Views

At a +50% average open rate, you can expect 5,000+ views on your ad by sponsoring an issue of Friday Film Notes.

Avg. Annual Visitors to the Web Issue

At current rates, expect an additional 1000+ views/year to your ad on the permanent web version.

Previous Sponsors

What you get as a sponsor:

  • When you purchase a sponsorship, you get one advertisement in my Friday newsletter.
  • Your ad will be the only one in that issue & appears near the top of the email.
  • The newsletter is published at 9:30 am PST every Friday morning.
  • You can expect 5000+ views on your ad. The # of clicks into your site or offer depend on relevancy.
  • Each newsletter (including your ad) is also permanently published on my website and visited +1,000 times/year.
  • The cost is currently $250

Ad Creative Requirements:

  • Ads are text only and can be up to 200 characters long (no emojis or images). Each sponsorship will also have a call-to-action (CTA) linking to your desired website. The CTA text has a max limit of 25 characters.
  • You supply the ad copy, I may edit it to match my voice
  • Ad copy is due one week prior to the newsletter date
  • If I feel your business is not a good fit for the newsletter, I’ll issue a refund

How to sponsor Friday Film Notes

Booking your sponsorship is dead simple!
Just follow these steps:


Book an available upcoming issue.

Select the date for the issue you'd like to sponsor via this link & pay the sponsorship fee.


Submit your ad copy, or let me write it for you.

After booking, you will immediately be sent a link to a form where you'll submit your ad creative & URL.


You're done!

Your issue will be published with your ad text appearing near the top of the email.
If there are any issues with your ad submission, I will contact you within 24 hours.

Fine Print:

There are no cancellations or reschedules due to timing, availability, and holding the date. I reserve the right to decline any sponsors that aren’t a good fit for Friday Film Notes (a full refund would be issued in that case). I also reserve the right to edit the copy to fit the above guidelines.

Any questions?

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